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6 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen and Bathroom(s)

There are many reasons to remodel your kitchen and bathroom(s).

Have you been looking around these rooms and thought that they could really use some work? Maybe there are things that need to be fixed. Or, you plan to sell and want to make your home more attractive to buyers.

Your older parent might be moving in with you and you want the bathroom they’ll be using to be more accessible. Or your young family is expanding and you need more space. Maybe you wish your kitchen and bathroom were more eco-friendly. Are you yearning for your kitchen to feel more like home, and less like what the previous owners wanted?

1. Do you have leaks? Are your lights not working? Is your flooring uneven? Is there water damage, mold, or structural issues? Are your tiles or is your linoleum cracked? It’s time for a remodel, especially if you are planning to sell.

According to Zillow, “when selling a home with serious issues, you’re going to end up paying for the repairs one way or another — by doing the repairs before listing, negotiating with your buyer after a poor inspection report, or by listing at a lower price in consideration of the work that needs to be done.”

2. If you are selling, kitchens and bathrooms that are remodeled are highly attractive to buyers. Houses tend to sell faster, and you can get high levels of return on investment (ROI) when you sell. When it comes to the bathroom, Zillow reports that for a minor remodel you will gain an 59% ROI. A minor kitchen remodel will give you an 81.1% ROI.

3. Want to save on your utility bills and make your home more eco-friendly? Consider replacing your larger and smaller appliances, ranges, toilets, faucets, showers, and showerheads with ones that save energy and water.

Consumer Reports stated that toilets count for 19% of a household’s water use, showers for 12%, and faucets for 11%. The average home loses 10% of its water just because of leaks! An updated, eco-friendly dishwasher is around 15% more water efficient than a standard unit. You can save thousands of gallons of water per year, if you swap out everything that uses water!

4. Is your older parent moving in with you? It’s time to remodel your bathroom so that it is as safe as possible. You may need to add rails to various areas, such as the tub and on both sides of the toilet, or a ledge to sit on in your shower. Your bathroom may need to be bigger to accommodate mobility aids.

5. Conversely, do you have a growing young family? It’s time to knock out some walls to make your kitchen or bathroom bigger. You may need to add a second sink, more storage, or a shower to a bathroom that doesn’t have one. You might need a kitchen island, more cabinets, or a breakfast nook to accommodate your family.

6. Finally, you might just want your kitchen to feel like it belongs to you and your family, and no one else. It could be outdated, or it just feels generic. You could feel cramped in the space. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of having a certain type of kitchen.

Looking for help with kitchen or bathroom remodels in the Kansas City area? Contact us today!

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