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Meet the Designers



Kendall is married to her devoted and fun-loving husband. She is the mother of two amazing and energetic little boys. She is passionate about the Lord and serving others. For years, Kendall has done decorating, design, and DIY projects in her free time. She decided to take her passion for this and turn it into a business. She would describe herself as an outgoing woman with a huge heart. As a designer, she strives to understand her client and their personality to reflect that in the design. Kendall strives for a unique and vivacious space that positively impacts the client's life. Her attention to detail and client-focused approach make her stand out and exceed the clients' expectations. With 10 years of experience, Kendall has had the opportunity to work in residential and commercial spaces. She loves exploring the outdoors with her family, serving others, and sports in her free time.



Courtney is the co-owner of Motieve Interior Design. Courtney would describe herself as outgoing, caring, and creative. She has a strong passion and keen eye for design, art, color, and patterns. She is also passionate about how the effect of the well-thought-out, beautifully designed interior can have on our lives. She enjoys working closely with the client to create a space that works flawlessly in both form and function. Courtney enjoys spending her free time with her friends and family, traveling, and spending time with her dog, Lucy. 

When Courtney and Kendall met, they instantly bonded over their love for design. Kendall came to Courtney with the idea of starting up an interior design business. Courtney instantly wanted to jump on board with this idea and become co-owner. Dreams became a reality and Motieve Interior Design was brought to life.  

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